My name is Joe McGovern, and I've been tutoring the ACT and SAT for more than 10 years. My ACT students raise their scores an average of 4 points, and my SAT students raise their scores an average of 150 points. But those are just averages. One of my ACT students raised their score 9 points, and one of my SAT students raised their score 300 points.

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I offer two types of ACT and SAT test prep: In person or over Skype tutoring at $100/hour and a personalized online test prep program that costs $1000. See below for more details about the programs and what they entail.

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Getting into college is harder than it ever has been and getting worse, so your student will need good test scores to get into the school of their choice. Big test prep companies will charge you $200-$800 an hour for private tutoring. With me you'll save yourself thousands of dollars and your student will get the personal attention they will need to reach their potential. Click "Learn More" to set up a free consultation.


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What people have to say about working with me:


“We were looking for an ACT tutor for our son Dominic, and Joe was recommended by a college consultant. We could not have been happier; not only did our son enjoy working with Joe, but his patience and tutoring techniques dramatically helped our son go from a 24 to a 30 on the ACT.”
– Damian Valdivia, parent


“You have done what may be the most remarkable job I’ve ever seen from one ACT administration to the next. You have helped a kid who is often challenged with academics, whose mind is usually out on the soccer field when his body is in the classroom, become engaged in preparing for a crucially important test. He was beaming ear to ear last night, as were his parents.”
– Jeff Levy, College Admission Counselor

Your two options for test prep:


In person or Skype tutoring

If you live on the westside in Los Angeles, then in-person tutoring is a possibility, though my schedule fills up quickly. Sessions run 90 minutes and cost $100 per hour. I usually need about 15 sessions to get your student ready for the test, so we'll meet once or twice a week, depending on how much time we have before the test date.

I like to work right out of practice tests and then supplement with additional materials when I see the specific skills your student needs to learn/practice.

In between sessions I'll give your student about 90 minutes of homework to complete, acknowledging of course that schoolwork comes first. Grades are more important than test scores in the college admission game, so it's important to keep those as high as possible. Still, the more homework your student can do, the fewer tutoring sessions we'll need, and the more money you'll save!

Personalized online test prep course

If you have a student that works well independently, then you can save a lot of money with my personalized online test prep course. In my online course the instruction comes in the form of "video graded assignments." Take a look:

There are a number of other advantages to the online course:

  • No more trying to schedule tutoring sessions in between soccer practice and band rehearsal, etc.
  • Your student can watch their video graded assignments whenever they like - no need to wait for their tutoring session.
  • I'll give your student as much work as they can handle - your student gets unlimited assignments in the time frame we agree upon.
  • You'll also get unlimited email support. Your student can email me anytime with any question they have and I'll return that email within 24 hours.

The online course is the best bang for your buck. Not only will your student get all the instruction they need, but I'll throw in unlimited advice and consultation for free. Not sure whether the ACT or SAT would be better for your student? We'll talk it over, have them take a few practice sections and decide together what's best. I'll walk you through the whole process!

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