Private tutoring is effective but expensive and inconvenient. Online courses are cheap, but ineffective. Our personalized online program is THE solution.



My name is Joe McGovern, and I've been tutoring the ACT and SAT for more than 10 years. I’m really good at what I do. My ACT students raise their scores an average of 4 points, and my SAT students raise their scores an average of 150 points. But those are just averages. One of my ACT students raised his score 9 points. 9 points – from a 25 to a 34. He had to make a whole new list of colleges to apply to.

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I offer a Personalized Online ACT and SAT Prep Program that is just as effective as private tutoring at a fraction of the cost. How? 100% personalized homework assignments and instruction, practice tests, and unlimited phone and email support. It's everything your student needs to ace the test. I'm so sure I can help your student get the best score possible, I even offer a money back guarantee.

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It's NUTS right now. Getting into college is harder than it ever has been and getting worse. Good ACT or SAT scores are vital, but good ACT or SAT tutoring will cost you between $3000 and $10,000.

But don't give up hope. Register for my Personalized Online ACT or SAT Prep Program, save thousands of dollars and help your student get into the school of their choice.


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What people have to say about working with me:


“We were looking for an ACT tutor for our son Dominic, and Joe was recommended by a college consultant. We could not have been happier; not only did our son enjoy working with Joe, but his patience and tutoring techniques dramatically helped our son go from a 24 to a 30 on the ACT.”
– Damian Valdivia, parent


“You have done what may be the most remarkable job I’ve ever seen from one ACT administration to the next. You have helped a kid who is often challenged with academics, whose mind is usually out on the soccer field when his body is in the classroom, become engaged in preparing for a crucially important test. He was beaming ear to ear last night, as were his parents.”
– Jeff Levy, College Admission Counselor

My Personalized Online Test Prep Program for the




My Personalized Online Test Prep Program for the ACT and SAT is just as effective as private tutoring and a FRACTION of the cost. The secret is in my “video-graded assignments." Instead of giving your student pre-made assignments like the other test prep companies, I custom-make every assignment for every one of my students so it addresses their specific needs in a way that makes sense to them. Then, I video-grade each assignment and send it back. What does “video-grade” mean? Check out the video to the right.

I go through every detail of my students’ work with a fine toothed comb, showing them where they went wrong for the problems they missed and going into more depth for the problems they got right. Then, based on how they did and what they still need, I custom-make their next assignment which I then video-grade, use it to create their next assignment and so on until your student has become a master at what can be a very challenging test.

What your student gets:

  • 10 10-20 minute VIDEO-GRADED files, one for each assignment.
  • 2 VIDEO-GRADED practice test files, where I go over every problem they missed on each practice test.
  • ACT / SAT REGISTRATION SUPPORT - I'll help you choose a date, location, help you with registration deadlines and let you know when you'll get your scores.
  • UNLIMITED PHONE / EMAIL SUPPORT - have a question about something? Let's get it resolved ASAP.

What you get:

  • $1500-$6500 in savings. Private tutoring packages will cost you between $3000 and $8000.
  • Freedom from having to schedule tutoring around soccer practice, play rehearsal, etc.
  • Peace of mind. I'll guide you through the whole process, from the first practice test through test day and beyond.

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TOP 5 REASONS to choose Joe McGovern


  1. Save Money. Spend $1500 instead of $3000 - $8000.
  2. Have Fun. If you have to prep, why not have fun doing it? I defy you to find a tutor funner than me.
  3. Money Back Guarantee. Get your money back if your student doesn't improve their score.
  4. No Underlings. I'll be your instructor, not some inexperienced underling.
  5. Simply The Best. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I'm simply the best test prep tutor out there.
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