About me

My name is Joe McGovern, and I've been a test prep professional since 2006. I have also been:

  • a math and science teacher
  • a vice principal
  • a wilderness therapy instructor
  • a personal development seminar leader
  • an actor and documentary filmmaker
  • a professional soccer player
  • a soccer coach
  • an ultra marathon runner

I obviously like challenging myself, which is why I make a good SAT / ACT teacher. Just like I see my challenges as opportunities rather than insurmountable obstacles, my students learn to see the SAT or ACT the same way: as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow.


My Test Prep Philosophy

The SAT and ACT are incredibly demanding. To do well a student has to have learned and retained:

  • sophisticated reading comprehension skills
  • a comprehensive understanding of the rules for English usage and mechanics
  • the ability to recognize and produce effective writing
  • material and skills from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics
  • advanced creative problem solving skills

That's a lot of material. Still, I believe that the SAT and the ACT offer incredible opportunities - opportunities for students to learn skills and material they either never learned in school or didn't learn at an advanced or sophisticated enough level.

My mission is to help students get their highest possible score on the SAT or ACT, feel proud of what they've accomplished, feel confident with their new knowledge and skills, and have fun in the process.


Models and Pricing

Keep in mind that I usually need 12 weeks to prepare a student adequately for their first SAT, ACT, ISEE or SSAT test date.


Test Prep Tutoring

I work with students from all over the world using Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp and an online white board. Each tutoring session is 1.5 hours long and costs $240 ($160/hr). In between sessions, students are expected to do about an hour of homework with the exception of weeks when I ask my students to take a full-length practice test.


School Subject Tutoring

I also tutor high school Math, Science, and essay writing. Just like with Test Prep Tutoring, I use Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp and an online white board. Tutoring sessions for high school subjects typically last one hour.


$ (Variable)

I believe that all students deserve high quality test prep and subject instruction. To that end, there are a limited number of need-based scholarships for students in underserved populations. Contact me for details.


Test dates for 2019/2020

Here are the SAT and ACT for this school year.


2019:  August 24, October 5, November 2, December 7
2020:  March 14, May 2, June 6

2019:  September 14, October 26, December 14
2020:  February 8, April 4, June 13, July 18 (July 18th test date not offered at testing centers in New York or California)


Keep in mind that I need about 12 weeks to prepare a student adequately for their first SAT / ACT test date.




“We were looking for an ACT tutor for our son Dominic, and Joe was recommended by a college consultant. We could not have been happier; not only did our son enjoy working with Joe, but his patience and tutoring techniques dramatically helped our son go from a 24 to a 30 on the ACT.”

– Damian Valdivia, parent


“You have done what may be the most remarkable job I’ve ever seen from one ACT administration to the next. You have helped a kid who is often challenged with academics, whose mind is usually out on the soccer field when his body is in the classroom, become engaged in preparing for a crucially important test. He was beaming ear to ear last night, as were his parents.”

– Jeff Levy, College Admission Counselor


“Joe is a truly gifted tutor. He worked with all three of my children, bringing to the table his range of intellectual knowledge, sense of humor and unique abilities to connect to my kids. It is a rare moment that you can trust someone with your children like we felt we could trust Joe. We are extremely grateful for his help and support and the difference he made in our family's lives.”

- Betsy Goodkin, parent


"Joe tutored our two sons on the ACT. Danny earned a near perfect 35 and is now a Sophomore at Williams, and Charles just scored a 34. Both boys learned a great deal from Joe, really enjoyed their sessions with him and only needed one sitting for their tests. We’ve recommended him without qualification to many parents and kids. You’ll be thrilled with him as a tutor and a person."

- Becky Goodell, parent


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